Klingensmith’s Free Kids Vitamins

In 2015 Klingensmith’s Drugstores rolled out a new program to help keep your kids healthy.

Here’s how it works:

  • All Children ages 3-12 are eligible to participate
  • There is no obligation, nothing to buy, no fee to enroll
  • Parent or guardian simply completes an enrollment form and presents it at the pharmacy at any Klingensmith’s Drug Store location
  • Klingensmith’s will distribute an initial 30 count bottle of Children’s Chewable Vitamins for each child enrolled. No need to wait at the pharmacy while the application is processed
  • Free refills of the vitamins will occur automatically each month. Klingensmith’s will contact the parent reminding them that their child’s vitamins are ready for pick up
  • Parent picks up vitamins at Klingensmith’s location and pays zero copay every month as long as child is enrolled

Download the Free Kids Vitamins Form

Free Kids Vitamins

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