How We Became Your Neighborly Drugstore

It was J.H. Klingensmith who founded the original Ford City Klingensmith’s in 1940.

His customers were his neighbors, and he gave each and every one the individual attention and service they deserved. With that beginning, trust was being built and the little Ford Street pharmacy started to grow.

During this time, 10 year-old Joe Cippel began working for Mr. Klingensmith. He swept floors, ran errands and began learning the business – literally- from the ground up.

When Joe Cippel turned 18, Mr. Klingensmith made him an offer of a lifetime: He’d loan Joe the money to attend The University of Pittsburgh Pharmacy School. But in return, Joe would have to come back home to Ford City after graduation and help run the pharmacy with Mr. Klingensmith.

It was a decision that changed Joe Cippel’s life, and launched the growth of Klingensmith’s Drug Stores.

Mr. Klingensmith retired in 1972, and sold the single location business to Joe.

In 1974, Mr. Cippel opened a Leechburg store, and in 1975, a Clarion location. In 1980, he founded Klingensmith Healthcare; and during the following years opened stores in Shelocta, Rimersburg, Kittanning, West Kittanning, and Numine.

During the growth of the company, Joe’s children David, Colleen, and Joe Jr. all joined the family business, carrying on the original idea that J.H. Klingensmith – and their father – always believed:


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