Durable Medical Equipment

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Klingensmith’s Drug Store is a proud durable medical equipment provider of Nova products. Your loved ones deserve the best, and we make no compromises in the quality we sell within our stores.

Our Promise

We’re committed to providing those dealing with physical impairments – either temporary or permanent – with dependable aides to daily living products. Whether you or a loved one has suffered an injury or are looking to make your home safer, Klingensmith is here to offer advice and equipment to do what matters most: achieve the best quality of life.

Our Durable Medical Equipment

Klingensmith’s Drug store provides a range of Nova’s durable medical equipment. From walkers, canes, and chairs to bathroom safety and cushions, we’ve got your home medical needs covered. Take a look at our catalog:


Shop for top-quality canes, rollators, folding walkers, and transport chairs at your local Klingensmith’s Drug Store.


Folding Walkers


Transport Chairs & Wheelchairs

Bathroom Safety​

Slips and falls can be extremely dangerous in the bathroom. Klingensmith’s Drug Stores provide everything you need to stay safe.


Klingensmith’s Drug Stores carry a variety of accessories to improve your mobility and bathroom safety items.

Wedges and Cushions

We sell a range of wedge and cushion products to improve both ergonomics and comfort.

Don't See the Durable Medical Equipment You Need?

We’re happy to custom-order Nova items to improve your safety and comfort. We will call you when the item arrives at your nearest Klingensmith’s Drug Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not ship durable medical equipment directly to customers’ homes. However, if we do not have an item in stock at your nearest location, we can ship it from other stores or order it from the Nova catalog for pickup.

No, we do not carry oxygen equipment, including oxygen tanks, tubing, or anything else.

No, we do not carry any prosthetics in our stores.

No, we do not sell hospital beds at Klingensmith’s Drug Stores.

Have Questions?

Our team is happy to answer any questions and point you in the right direction for our durable medical equipment needs. Give us a call today!