Simplify Your Refills MedSync

Meet the solution
to managing your
prescription refills.

At Klingensmith’s Drug Stores, we understand the frustrations of multiple prescription refills. It can often feel like you’re at the pharmacy every week picking up a prescription.

Our MedSync program is designed to make life a little easier. Patients who have multiple prescriptions can get them all refilled at the same time each month. This includes synchronizing your entire household, if needed. 

Why Should You Use Our MedSync Program?

Easily Prescription Fulfillment - Delivery or Pickup

Most of our MedSync patients pick one convenient day each month to receive all of their medications. This makes it simple to stay organized and get your prescriptions exactly when you need them.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Our MedSync program is designed to make prescription management less confusing. Figuring out when and how to get medications should never be an added stress, for patients or caregivers.

Improves Medication Compliance

Klingensmith’s medication synchronization program doesn’t just make life easier – it helps maintain compliance. To ensure the best medication compliance, please also see our Parata Pass Pack services.

We’re Here to Make Medication Refills Easier

Our patients are always our top priority.

As such, we’ve worked diligently to streamline a synchronization program that keeps them safer, healthier, and less stressed. Whether you’re a caregiver or a patient, talk to us about simplifying your complicated medication schedule.

Sign Up for the MedSync Program Today

Interested in learning more about how we synchronize medications? Stop by one of our locations to speak to a neighborhood pharmacist. You can also call or send us a message online.