Needle Disposal

Ask a pharmacist about our free sharps container exchange program!
  1. Pick up a FREE Sharps Container from the pharmacy
  2. Drop in your needles and syringes
  3. Return to any Klingensmith’s location and receive your next FREE sharps container
Who Qualifies?
Any patient that requires needles or syringes for their prescription. E.g. insulin, allergy shots, B12.


Do I Have to Pay for the Sharps Container?
Nope. For our customers and patients Klingensmith’s will supply a new FREE Sharps Container each time you drop one off for safe disposal. We accept just about any sharps container if you already have one.
It's Free, Why do I Have to Stop at the Register?

This helps us to track how many sharps we are disposing of for compliance. Thank you for your patience!



What Containers are Acceptable?
We can accept and safely dispose of just about any sharps container. We may also be able to accept certain types of sealed plastic containers such as a laundry detergent bottle. Our Pharmacists are trained in what containers we may accept and dispose of. You may pick up a FREE sharps container to bring in the sharps that you may have at home in an unapproved container.


I Have a Personal Care Home, Can You Dispose of Sharps for Me?
At this time we are offering this service to individual patients only.

Safely and Easily Dispose of Needles and Syringes

Across America, too many needles are improperly discarded in the trash or street without concern for who may come into contact with the used needles.

Our Sterilis devices revolutionize disposal of medical waste. Sharps containers and needles go in, a sterile ground material comes out. It looks plastic confetti. It is then disposed of meeting any legal requirements.

Just Ask to Join the Needle Disposal Program

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