Medication Adherence: Tips and Tricks to Stay on Track

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If you find managing your medications to be challenging, then you’re not alone.  Many people struggle with this problem, however, following your medication regimen is extremely important for maintaining your health and avoiding health complications.

At Klingensmith’s Drug Stores, helping our customers follow their medication plan is important to us. Our hope is that this article will help you understand what medication adherence is, why it matters, and offer some tips and tricks for making it simpler.  With that said, let’s jump right in!

What is Medication Adherence?

Simply put, medication adherence, (also known as “prescription compliance” or “medication compliance”), is when you follow your medication plan as instructed by your physician. This includes taking the right medicine, the appropriate dosage, at the correct time.

Why is Medication Adherence Important?

Achieve and maintain good health

By following your medication plan, you gain the full benefits of your treatment by successfully managing your symptoms and preventing the progression of your health conditions. This is especially important for people with chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Taking medications as directed can help control the illness and stop other health problems from developing further. Thus, it’s critical to comprehend the importance of medication adherence in order to attain the best possible health outcomes. ^[1]

 In contrast, failing to follow the plan can result in adverse health effects, which, unfortunately, is quite frequent. In fact, studies indicate that pharmaceutical non-adherence is to blame for 10% of hospital admissions and over 125,000 fatalities annually in the US.^[2]  

Avoid Medication Mistakes

In addition to managing symptoms and preventing complications, medication adherence can also help you avoid medication errors and adverse reactions. When you take your prescriptions properly, you limit the chance of taking too much or too little, or mixing medications that can cause hazardous interactions. This can help prevent hospitalizations and other serious medical issues.^[3]

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Another significant benefit of medication adherence is that it can help reduce healthcare costs. When you take your medications as prescribed, you reduce the need for medical tests, procedures, and hospital stays that were a result of not taking your prescriptions. In the long term, this can save money for both you and the insurance providers. Additionally, it can help you avoid missing work or school.^[4]

Gaining Control Of Your Health

Studies have shown that medication adherence can help you feel more in control of your health. Consistently staying on top of your medication regimen is a form of managing your health and taking an active role in your treatment. This can lead to a greater sense of control, and confidence, and result in a more positive outlook on your health.^[5]

Tips & Tricks: How to Remember to Take Your Medications

Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay on track with your medication regimen:

  1. Med Apps: There are Apps you can download on your phone that are specifically designed to help you keep track of your medications.  Many of them have features that allow you to create a list of medications, the dosage amounts, and the time you need to take them. We highly recommend RxLocal to our patients looking for an App solution. Scroll down to the next section to learn more about RxLocal.
  2. Using Alarms: Setting an alarm on your phone can be a great way to remind you to take your medications. If you like using pill dispensers, you can get one with a built-in alarm.
  3. Make it a habit: Try taking your medications at the same time every day. You can also associate taking your medications with a specific daily activity, such as brushing your teeth or having breakfast. By making it a part of your daily routine, you’ll make it easier to remember when it’s time to take your medications.
  4. Get support: It can be helpful to request a relative or friend to remind you to take your medication. Your local pharmacist or health expert might also possess additional aids to support you in adhering to your medication regimen.
  5. Stay informed: Make sure you (or a caretaker) understand why you’re taking each medication, how it works, and what side effects to watch out for. If you have any questions or concerns about your medications, don’t hesitate to ask your healthcare provider or one of our Pharmacists at Klingensmith’s Drug Stores. Being informed and understanding your medications can help you stay motivated and committed to your medication regimen.

Remember, medication adherence is an essential part of maintaining your health and well-being.

How Klingensmith’s Can Help You

At Klingensmith’s Drug Stores, we understand that managing medications can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!


We offer Kling’s Script Packs, a super easy and convenient way to manage all your prescriptions. Our med packs get rid of bulky pill boxes and confusing blister packs. With Kling’s Script Packs, you can easily keep track of your dozens of prescriptions with simple dose packages. It’s so easy, you’ll always know what to take next and when to take it.

Kling’s Script Packs are designed to improve prescription adherence and make it easier for you to manage your medications with confidence and control. It’s user-friendly and it provides peace of mind knowing that you’re taking your medications as prescribed. You can learn more about how med packs can help by visiting our Kling’s Script Pack page.


Our MedSync program is a solution to managing all of your prescription refills. Recent studies have shown that keeping your medication refills in sync can significantly boost medication adherence, especially for those with chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease. In fact, patients who struggle with adherence and use multiple prescriptions have been found to have up to three times better adherence when using medication synchronization programs. [6][7]

With our MedSync program, you can get all your scripts refilled at the same time every month. You can also choose to have your scripts held for pick-up or delivered straight to your door.

And the best part? Our MedSync program reduces stress and anxiety and improves medication adherence. We understand how essential it is to keep track of your meds, and we’re here to assist you. Learn more about it on our MedSync page.


RxLocal empowers patients to stay connected with their pharmacy through the convenience of an app.  With this app, you have a variety of tools and services to enhance your experience and make it easier to receive care locally.

Our RxLocal mobile app provides a convenient and user-friendly way to manage your medication regimen. You can manage all your family’s prescriptions, refill prescriptions, and set medicine reminders. It’s like having a personal assistant for your medications! RxLocal can help improve medication adherence and optimize your treatment outcomes.

We’re dedicated to making medication management as easy and stress-free as possible for our patients. Whether you need Kling’s Script Packs, MedSync, RxLocal, or a combination of our services, we’re here to help. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you manage your medications with confidence and control. Create a free account today at: RxLocal Portal 

In Closing

We hope that this article has shed some light on the importance of adhering to medication and equipped you with some practical ways to help you in keeping up with your medication regimen. Remember that taking your medication as directed can make a considerable difference in your general health and welfare. By following your medication plan, you can avoid health complications and improve your quality of life.

At Klingensmith’s Drug Stores, we take medication adherence seriously and are committed to helping you stay on track with your medications. Our knowledgeable pharmacists are available to answer any questions you may have about your medications and can provide you with information about our medication adherence program, Kling’s Script Packs, to help you manage your medication regimen more effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you stay healthy and manage your medications with ease!



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